Saturday, July 30, 2011


If you've been around the Armitage fandom for any length of time you've probably run into Fanny somewhere.  About a year ago she suggested that the fic writers publish on Wattpad and they took to it quickly; the community is one of the biggest on the site.  I first read KiplingKat's work there and Khandy's, Whatkatydidnext's, Fedoralady's...the list goes on.  It's a fun little subcommunity in the larger fandom and though these fics have been written independently and simply gathered here, this particular group would not have come together without Fanny's encouragement. 

Fanny is on FaceBook, too.  Most days when I log in there's a cascade of posts from her, holding up new beautiful things she's found that she wants the rest of us to see.  I've read more new writers from clicking her links than I would search out on my own.  It's all encouragement, it's all love and it's all beauty.  You can feel the warmth of her appreciation in her keystrokes.

Thanks, Fanny.  The most beautiful thing I ran into this week was this, below.  I think you'll appreciate it because it's an invitation you extend to all of us. 

Edit to add:  I just realized that you can't really see the title of the video.  That's "Fisherman/Come Closer" performed by Anis Mojgani at the 2009 Seattle Poetry Slam.  That ping at 4:10ish?  That's the sound of hope lighting up.  You can find a different, sweet performance of "Come Closer" from the Electric Elephant High Dive Revival at NYU here but I was unable to embed it.  


  1. Thank you! Love that name you gave me : ENCOURAGMENTANATOR :-)
    I honestly did not think how in a years time the RA fanfic community on Wattpad would grow. Also I merely feel I pass along the joy of discovering new things. That's what I gained from all the fan videos; discovering artists & genres outside my regular range. Same is the beauty of becoming a fan of a certain gent, it's what brings us together but the beauty in meeting fellow fans is so enriching and that is what keeps me here :-)

  2. You have Phineas and Ferb to thank for the name, actually. You keep spreadin' the joy, girlfriend.


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