Thursday, August 25, 2011

People I'm Glad Are Sharing My Air Today

1.  Burners.  Watch this space for an interview with my favorite resident of Black Rock City to guide you through the beautiful pyrotechnics. 

2.  German Shorthaired Pointer foster families. GSPs are sweet, loving, energetic animals but they're also incredibly emotionally needy and they like to wrestle. Unfortunately the need for attention combined with the desire to mouth -- not bite -- leads some owners to think their Pointer is attacking when s/he is just playing. This causes them to be given up after the cute puppy year is over which is a shame for both the animal and the family that's missing such a loving companion. If you have space and energy I highly recommend this breed.

3.  My dear friend Lorie who's been a lifesaver for me these past few months. A million smooches, doll face.

4.  People who know how to say thank you, like this guy.

5.  Buckwheat Zydeco.  Just because.

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