Saturday, September 3, 2011

Burning the Ground, Part 3: Mutant Vehicle? Is That Legal?

Again, Burning Man is going on right now; in fact, as I was linking to the site just now the newest update was "The Man burns tonight!" so this will be the last of these till maybe next year (or till LaLa has recovered and I ask her how this year's burn was).

So, to review:  Black Rock City, NV springs up once a year in the Black Rock Desert, with a population of roughly 50,000 who look fetching in pearls and goggles while surviving dust storms and reveling in the sunshine.  How, exactly, do they get around?, I hear you wondering.  Well, sometimes they walk.

Sometimes they hitch a ride on a flying carpet.

The vehicles can shoot steam

or fire.

Vehicles at Burning Man are limited to bicycles and Art Cars in order to keep air pollution at a minimum.  Noise, however, is a different story.  Don't you want to party on the back of a giant rubber duck?

I know I do, but then I'm strange like that.  If you'd like to watch the Man burn I just found out that they've been webcasting this week and you can watch here.  An investigative reporter I'm not but this has definitely been a fun couple of days.  Back to our regularly scheduled mayhem after the long holiday weekend.

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