Saturday, September 24, 2011

Happy Birthday, Mr. Henson

Early in our relationship my husband and I were talking about stuff and I made a Statler and Waldorf reference.  My husband looked at me blankly.  "You know, the guys from the Muppets," I prompted.  He shook his head.  "Who?"  With a rising sense of panic I tried again.  "You know, they sat in the box and made fun of everyone, especially Fozzie Bear."  Then he really broke my heart.  "Who's Fozzie Bear?"  It was almost a dealbreaker.  How could I spend my life with someone who didn't share my love of all things Sesame? 

He still doesn't get it but I married him anyway and I'm indoctrinating my kids into the Cult of Henson.  Over the summer my son loved this vid; he still sings it, driving his sisters crazy.  Well, unless they're joining in.

Today would have been Henson's 75th birthday and there's a Google Doodle to mark the occasion.  From Sam and Friends in 1955 to the upcoming Disney Muppet movie starring Jason Segel Henson's creations have been celebrated and satirized, loved and loathed, but ignored only by my husband apparently.  In preparing this post I kept looking at vids and thinking, "Ooh, I should use this one, no this one, no, this one..." so the rest of this post is just a bunch of my favorites.  Which is yours?  Comments are open.

Put Down the Duckie...can you name all the celebs in this sing-along?

Bein' Green, a duet featuring Kermit the Frog and Lena Horne

Alice Cooper on The Muppet Show


  1. There's a post muppet youtube segment with six beakers singing "Ode to Joy."

    So that's why the Google muppets yesterday. I thought that was sweet, too.

  2. Gahhh, I hate not being able to edit...anyway, what I said was, thanks for that link, my daughter loved it...and anything Beaker does is comedy gold!

  3. This is seriously for you:

  4. Thanks, Kurbiss! Love Elvis Costello!


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