Sunday, September 18, 2011

It Lives!

So, this story appeared this weekend and it's of course not the first time that the Daily Mail has talked about time travel.  I have wondered every so often if the Mail hired anyone from the Weekly World News after it stopped publishing especially when they publish a time travel story.  So I started thinking about the WWN and its glorious history of exposing the truth about grey aliens in the White House, the location of JFK's double's remains (because, you know, JFK is on an island somewhere) and the multiple threats to civilization as we know it.  They were the only newspaper with the cajones to publish Bat Boy's position on all of the above and more.  Without WWN my husband and his college roommate would have been unable to determine if my husband's dog was, in fact, a Space Pet planted here by grey aliens to soften humans up (the answer was yes, which explains a lot, actually).  So I thought I'd write about the WWN and, accordingly, Googled them to find out when they'd stopped publishing.  Something as weird as it was has to have a devoted fanbase, right?

Well, I'm sure it does but I never got that far.  The first result for the Weekly World News was for the Weekly World News.  They didn't close up shop entirely, it seems, they just went online.  Looking at their front page was like something had come back from the dead for me (and look -- a special report on the Zombie Revolution of May 2012!).  I mean, look at this stuff:

Dolphin With Arms Prepares for Battle
Russian Boxer Finds Yeti
FaceBook Ends March 2012
Zombie Revolution May 2012
World Ends October 2012

I'm wiping a tear here, folks.  I feel like a big absurd chunk of my childhood was just dug up, wiped off and handed back to me all shiny and new.  Plus, now they have Bat Boy Bobbleheads.  I know what's on my birthday list.


  1. Good to know that some things have survived the Internet Revolution intact.

  2. I wasn't laughing at you, I was laughing with you :)

  3. You're better than I am, then, because I'm laughing AT them. And at me. But not Bat Boy. :)


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