Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Thousand Pleas to George Thorogood

So I hit a thousand hits today, thanks in large part to linky goodness from some of my sistah friend bloggers who know who they are (calexora, RAFrenzy, bccmee and servetus; if I've forgotten someone who's linked me please shoot me an email and I'll make it right).  Thank you all for your patience and being willing to be associated with my goofiness. 

I've given a little bit of thought to what I wanted to say to mark my thousandth hit and I'm horking one of Frenz's conceits, the Fake Fan Letter.  No, it's not to Tall Dark Handsome Cotton Mill Owner Dude (as if).  It's to George Thorogood.  So without further nonsense, let's get to the nonsense.

Dear Guitar God Thorogood,

Hello, it's me, a mortal.  Can I call you GG?  Please don't zap me with your Distortion Bar of Awesomeness for my presumption but I have a small request, just a little tiny one that shouldn't take up much of your divine time.  You've made it your business to bring older largely forgotten Blues and Country to the masses and there's one song that I've been dying for you to cover.  It's this one.

You've done Hank before and, really, his song book needs to come into the 21st Century.

I have all faith that you alone among the Guitar Gods can do justice to lyrics like "You be daffy and I'll be dilly/Let's order up two bowls of chilli" accompanied by a smokin' slide.

Your Friend and Faithful Adorer,

PS:  I'm willing to negotiate a sacrifice to expedite my request.  I have a list prepared or you can suggest your own, I'm flexible.


  1. You realize, of course, I am from the same county where ol' Hank was born and bred, don't you? The Hank Williams Boyhood HOme and Museum is less than 30 miles away and I covered the festival for the paper each year. There is a new album out with various artists' versions of songs based on Hank's unpublished lyrics . . . angieklong/fedoralady

  2. Thanks for the tip, Ang! I loved Wilco and Billy Bragg's Woody Guthrie project a few years ago so this should be right up my alley.

  3. Ha, I can't help but smile during the song "Move It on Over." Then I laughed because I had a hot dog for lunch, LOL! I didn't remember that part of the lyrics before.

  4. My dad used to listen to Hank Williams. That brings back memories. I remember Thorogood for Bad to the Bone. It was almost a theme for Miami Vice.

    Congrats on your 1,000th hit. I'm glad you started your blog and found a place for yourself in fandom. Looking forward to your 10,000 hit. :)

  5. Hey - congrats on your 1000th hit! :D Yay. I'm learning a lot about music since you joined the blog world. Many thanks friend!

  6. Yea! 1,000 more please(e). :D

    I am loving this and not for the obvious reason although I do appreciate the shout out. Love the blog. Oh hell, I don't care if you're on a blog or not. Just keep talkin'.

    And George Thorogood is the personification of cool. It's that flexible lower lip and jaw. Yep, that's where the cool comes from and moves right on down to his fingers.

    Since I hate to assume anything, I won't. You have seen this, right?


    Man, if a song ever fit... phew. Thank you, George.

    Aspect Ratio be hanged.

  7. Thanks, Frenz. I think I've seen that one but I'll watch again. :)


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