Friday, October 14, 2011

Do do do...It's Just Another Day

I've already said that I love  Rube Goldberg contraptions and if I could have my choice I'd get one that flings everybody out of bed in the morning and gets breakfast started at the same time (are you listening, Universe?  If I have to make it myself it'll involve math and I'll cry).  This morning was a clothes-flying, breakfast-snarfing, coffee-sucking bit of mayhem.

6:19 AM -- I roll over and realize that I've been hitting the snooze button since 5:30 AM.  Not good.  I blame the dog, though, because he stole all the blankets and I had a restless night because I was freezing.  Yep, we'll go with blaming the dog.

6:20 AM -- Dress quickly and wake the kids.  Make coffee.

6:25 AM -- Wake the kids again.  Wake husband.  He snuggles closer to the dog, who still has all the blankets.  Suck down my first cup of coffee. 

6:30 AM -- Wake the kids again.  Wake husband again.  Dog rolls over and yawns in my direction. 

6:45 AM -- Kids are finally up and supposed to be getting dressed.  I check the girls' progress and find them working out a dance routine to "The Water Buffalo Song."  Husband is helping youngest get dressed.  I pack a lunch and have a second cup of coffee.

6:55 AM -- Kids are still singing "The Water Buffalo Song."  Son wanders out to kitchen.  There's something wrong with his clothes but I can't put my finger on what it is.  Feed him breakfast.

7:05 AM -- Girls wander into bathroom to brush teeth and hair.  Son joins them in a third chorus of "The Water Buffalo Song."  It takes ten minutes for them to brush their teeth.  Oldest daughter can only find one shoe.

7:15 AM -- I realize what's wrong with son's clothes:  he's supposed to wear his gym uniform today.  Mad scramble to find all pieces and sneakers.  Girls are snarfing down breakfast, husband is finally in shower.

7:20 AM -- Take kids to busstop.  Husband apparently gets ready via Jeannie blink because he somehow passes us as we're waiting. 

7:30 AM -- Back home, discover husband has taken last of the coffee.  Grr.  Dog saunters out of bedroom, still yawning, and resettles for a nap on the couch. 

I thought I'd share the soundtrack of my morning with you so you can get the full effect of the silliness in my household.  This was the first of the Veggie Tales Silly Songs.  It will get stuck in your head, be forewarned.  I'm gonna go make more coffee.


  1. At least it wasn't the song that never ends from lamb chop! You gotta be grateful for the little things, right? And at least you didn't run out of there would've been a tragedy! Love you!

  2. This is the song that never ends...

    Looks like the dog had it under control. ;)

    Thanks for sharing your amusing slice of live.

  3. NOW I have that song in my head. *Heavy sigh* And if he'd taken the last of the brewed coffee and there was none left there would have been a mutiny.

  4. Hi Jazzy,
    I've never liked asparagus. And now this song character has clinched that for me. Ha!
    And thanks for sharing your crazy morning. I feel better. Ha!
    Cheers! Grati ;->


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