Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Infinite Time Wasterenator

A friend of mine posted a Shakespearean Insult Generator on Facebook yesterday and I spent way too much time trying to figure out what a "ruttish onion-eyed joithead" is.  Joithead?  Really?  I'm guessing that one comes from the great Shakespearean tradition of "can't find a word?  Make it up!"  Anyone with any information on the etymology of "joithead" is welcome to leave an explanation or link in the comments.

At any rate, web generators of all kinds are fascinating to me.  From the Stripper Name Generator to the Hobbit Name Generator  that mulubinba posted on her fantastic blog a few weeks ago, I spend way too much time playing with them.  What posesses a designer to make one?  And how much work goes into it?  I can't even imagine.  Here are a couple of my favorites.

The Fairy Name Generator

The Egyptian god Name Generator

The Soap Opera Name Generator

Possibly the best rock band name generator wasn't online but was a real person:  Allen Ginsberg.  During a Q&A session after a reading at Harvard in the late 80's a brand new band asked him to name them and he said, "Blake Babies."  And Juliana Hatfield fans all over the world thank him.


  1. Thanks for the time wasters! Always love those! Check this one out.

  2. This is one that got me the other day (not a name generator)

  3. @librachick19777...I'm going to be spending time there I can tell, lol!

    @Kurbiss...bringing this all full circle, I sent to the friend who was responsible for the Shakespeare Insult Generator. I'm going to check on her sometime next week, lol.

  4. That is some serious fun. I am liking my Fairy Name especially. I might have to use that sometime! Thanks! :)

  5. Glad you liked it, phylly3! Another one is the John Lennon Aritificial Intelligence project, where you can "chat" with an AI Lennon.


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