Thursday, October 13, 2011

Mama I'm Coming Home

A couple of days ago a British ex-pat friend who lives in LA was really homesick.  That's such a horrible feeling and I really empathize with him.  It sucks to have to explain a joke or cultural reference for the bazillionth time only to have the person you're explaining it to kind of smile and nod, indicating that they don't really get it but are humoring you. 

When I lived in Seattle there was so much happening and I was so engaged in meeting new people and doing stuff all the time that there wasn't really time to get homesick but it did happen every once in a while.  Once I had a craving for chocolate covered pretzels so I made some and shared them.  The East Coast people were so happy they nearly cried; the others were incensed that I'd desecrated perfectly good chocolate.  I had one or two good friends who were from the same state as me and we'd regularly confuse people just speaking East Coast.


"Naw, d'jyew?"

We'd go have lunch while our audience scratched their heads.  I always tried to convince the cook wherever we went to make me sunnysideup eggs but there were these ridiculous laws about salmonella.  Whatever. 

Today's song talks about homesickness though that's not strictly what it's about.  I'm not a huge fan of Simon and Garfunkel but "The Boxer" is really beautiful.  And if you live in LA and see a guy wandering around muttering about Sainsbury and Take That, give him some tea and sympathy and a hug from me.


  1. have always liked this song.

  2. I know this is sad but the thing I get homesick for the most is Sheetz! All convenience stores pale in comparison! Oh yeah...and my family. Lol

  3. @Kurbiss -- it's a great song.

    @librachick19777 -- check this site out.

  4. That doesn't help me...can't get the food over the internet!


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