Wednesday, November 16, 2011


You know how you'll start humming along with the radio and then suddenly the voice that sings out isn't the one you were expecting?  "Ice Ice Baby" used to just drive me crazy like that, though Vanilla himself always maintained that they were totally different because the sample doubled a note.  I was a moron in my early 20s but I wasn't in so much of a hurry that I'd believe that.

Anyway, there are songs that always always remind me of the Beatles and no matter how often I hear them it's always a little surprise to not hear Paul McCartney and John Lennon harmonizing.  Here are a couple of them (but no Oasis).

There She Goes, The Las
Well, they were from Liverpool so they at least come by it honestly.  This song peaked at 49 on Billboard's Hot 100 chart in 1988; Sixpence None The Richer's 1999 cover reached 32.  

I'll Be There For You, The Rembrandts
I was never a huge Friends fan but this song is catchy like the flu. 

Can't Change Me, Chris Cornell
Part of Cornell's legend is that he suffered an episode of major depression as a teen and acted out by breaking into abandoned buildings.  In one building he found a box of Beatles records, took them home and listened to nothing but them for about a year.  When he emerged from his room he'd decided to become a musician.

So, what reminds you of the Beatles or another artist?


  1. Mumford and Sons...the music is so not like The Beatles but the lyrics remind me of their earlier songs because they follow the same pattern. I love M&S so much! Normally I won't touch country with a ten foot pole and their music for sure has some bluegrass feel to it but I can't help myself. I love them so much I got a tattoo of the song title 'Awake My Soul' on my shoulder (shhhh don't tell mom!)

  2. LOL, you brazen tattooed chick you! When I lived in Seattle our brother begged to be the one to tell her that I was living with the singer in a rock band, lol! Your secret's safe with me and thanks for the tip about M&S.

  3. I was listening to the radio in the car today, and thought of this post. There was this song playing and I kept thinking it sounded like the Red Hot Chili Peppers. So, when I got home I looked it up and it was a band called Avenged Sevenfold (the song was called "So far away").

  4. @memythoughtsandwhoknows...thanks for the tip about Avenge Sevenfold, I'll have to check them out...I love the RHCPs.


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