Friday, November 25, 2011

*Falls over laughing*

I don't have any idea who made this but it's on TheOneRing.Net and frequent commenter Gratiana Lovelace posted it on Facebook today.  I can't wait for this movie.  Now I think I really need to get after Rolling Stone for leaving Thorin and Kili off their list. 


  1. I really love it too!!! Makes we crave the movie even more!!

  2. Hi Jazzy,
    I've been offline working on a project and just came back on to see you reposted this vid. I had to watch it again. It's a hoot!
    I'd love to know how the designer put this video together. I'm guessing that's a question for our Tech Goddess Divine, Bccmee. Ha!
    I'm sure this video will get a lot of play over the holidays. I wonder if the Hobbit Dwarfs and Hobbit dance as well as their animated counterparts here? Ha!
    Cheers! Grati ;->

  3. Oh what fun it is to watch them dance and sing! This vid would even make the Grinch smile.

    If you didn't notice the watermark, it's made using JibJab:

  4. Very cute. Especially funny -- Richard Armitage doing anything without ever moving his eyebrows (corrugator supercilii!). I wonder if the actors involved had to agree to the use of their images?


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