Wednesday, November 16, 2011

One At A Time, Please

Dear Holiday Music Progammers,

That time of year is almost upon us and you're all breaking out the music you only get to play once a year (except for the year round Holiday music stations; you're exempt from this discussion, go have some egg nog and recharge the batteries for your light up Rudolph noses).  The thing is this.  Do you see the date up there?  It's November 16th, a full week before Thanksgiving.  I know, I know, the only real Thanksgiving song you can play is "Simple Gifts" but you'd tie your brain in a knot choosing between the Jewel version and the Judy Collins version.  I certainly won't argue that it's more fun to go from playing "Thriller" once an hour to Harry Connick, Jr., without stopping.  My case of Rushingtheseasonitis is mild but, hey, I'll cop to it. 

However, there's this one little problem that I'm having and that's "Another Auld Lang Syne."  There are four holidays between now and New Year's.  Four.  It's like playing "Stars and Stripes Forever" on Valentine's Day because the 4th of July is coming.  Plus, I really, really, really hate that song.  Like really.  More than I can possibly express.  When it comes on I'm reduced to either turning it down and keeping rough time so my ears don't bleed or turning it off entirely.  If you really need a depressing Dan Fogelberg song can't you, I can't think of a Dan Fogelberg song I could actually recommend there. 

Anyway, I hope you'll take my letter into consideration as you plan your Holiday 2011 playlists.  I'd really hate to have to take this up with one of the Guitar Gods.  GG George Thorogood still owes me one.


PS:  I've attached the Allison Krauss and Yo-Yo Ma version of "Simple Gifts" to save you the effort of choosing.  You're welcome.


  1. Yeah, like when they start bringing out the Christmas decorations in early September. WHY??? I remember once when I lived in Sweden and the neighbour put up Christmas curtains and decorations in early NOVEMBER and we thought she was potty! Heh. I'll leave it to the END of November at the earliest. But then, bring it on! Decorations, music, the lot.

  2. My local Sbux got its Xmas decor on yesterday, before Thanksgiving. Too much.

    I feel very sorry for Dan Fogelberg, because he wrote some very beautiful music -- but if I hear "Longer" at one more wedding I may self-combust.

  3. @Traxy...exactly!

    @Kurbiss...I love that Nordstrom's is refusing to give in to the Christmas decor until Black Friday, though I feel for their display people. And there's nothing wrong with Fogelberg's melodies, it's the lyrics that I can't stand.

  4. The easy listening radio station in Jacksonville started playing Christmas songs on the 7th of this month! Its the station we play in the office so we had to switch...we compromised with agreeing to turn it back on December 14th. We were like are you freakin kidding me? Last year it switched the day after turkey day so I totally feel the same way with the rushingtheseasonitis!

  5. I agree with rushing the decorating creep but like the music creep. Have been listening since November 11th.

    BTW, the Thanksgiving song is actually "Over the River the Through the Woods." ;)

  6. I actually associate "Over the River and Through the Woods" with Christmas. I looked it up on Wikipedia, though, and it DID start off as a Thanksgiving poem but has been recorded as a Christmas song. Split the difference?

  7. LOVE Allison Krauss! The only radio I listen to is NPR or XPN :) if I can help it.
    Seems I live in happy ignorance of Fogelberg? ;)
    I got used to the decorating bit after thanksgiving & can even tolerate if before - realizing people take advantage of good weather to climb their roofs :) its AFTER Christmas when you still want those outdoor lights .. :( I grew up with celebrating Epiphany so the season wasn't over after New Years day. It's a highlight for kids as they dress as kings and go around singing songs to collect candy :)

  8. O yes Alison's restaurant about to come up on XPN!! now THAT is tradition :D

  9. We always sang "Over the River and Through the Woods" at Thanksgiving, but we had to actually go over a river and through the woods to get our grandmother's house. :)

    Love Alison Krauss.

    And Fanny, I bet if someone played some Dan Fogelberg for you you might recognize it. His estate probably makes a ton on royalties.

  10. LOL, can get anything you want, of course!

    @Kurbiss...over the river and through the woods where I grew up was actually over the railroad tracks and a couple of overgrown pine trees in the front yard, lol


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