Monday, November 7, 2011

Whole Lotta Need To Wake Up


For real.  Even that extra hour of sleep this weekend didn't help and the coffee seems a little weak again.  I need to get the led out this morning.  Triple shot of Zepplin, anyone?  No?  More for me, then.

Carlos Santana featuing Chris Cornell.  Santana should need no introduction but if you're unfamiliar with Cornell he normally lands in the top three in polls of great rock voices, behind Freddy Mercury and Robert Plant.  This version is a cover lover's dream.

Adam Lambert featuring Slash, from American Idol.  If ever a contestant was robbed it was Lambert.  Performance starts at about :40, judge gushing starts at about 2:45.

Michael Winslow has been active doing other things since the Police Academy movies but they're still what springs to mind when I hear his name.  He was on Late Night With Thomas and Harald in Norway recently and this is what happened. 

Definitely awake now.  Have a great Monday!


  1. They most likely don't do it anymore but I miss 'Get The Led Out' that 94.1 used to do weeknights at 9. I would crank the stereo at whichever pizza shop I was working at and rock out! Love the Michael Winslow video...he is amazing! Wish that one were longer!

  2. Man that was education. If American Idol ever created one, it was Adam Lambert. Too bad he was considered too outrageous to take the title. Michael Winslow blew me away. Thanks for sharing!

  3. For me lately it's been the Phoenix song "1901". Don't ask me why. When I was a kid it was "Shake it up" by The Cars for many years.

    I love the time change in the fall because of that extra hour. Don't know why it means so much to me emotionally, but in the spring I always feel bereft by the loss of the corresponding hour that's been on loan to me all that time ...

  4. @librachick19777...they don't do it anymore because they're a country station. Seems a poor excuse to me.'re welcome and I totally agree with you about Adam Lambert.

    @Kurbiss...I love the Cars. One of my favorite albums of all time is "Heartbeat City." And I know exactly what you mean about the spring forward.

  5. Wow, those were all great! I love Chris Cornell and Adam Lambert may have been the best artist ever on American Idol. I'm not sure there are even words for how amazing that Michael Winslow version was.


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