Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Alone In The Wilderness

So a couple of weeks ago a girlfriend of mine posted the following vid on Facebook.  If you've ever wondered what might have happened if Grizzly Adams accidentally ate some Magic Mushrooms, here's your answer.

When I was a kid and imbibing Grizzly Adams and Little House on the Prairie I had my share of living alone on a mountain top at one with nature daydreams but eventually I realized that meant no Quisp so I got over it.  I'm a wimp so that's probably a good thing. 

One guy who never let go of that dream was Dick Proenneke.  He moved to the Alaskan wilderness in the late 60s and lived alone for nearly 30 years with only occasional forays back to the mainland for supplies and to see his family.  He kept both a written journal and a video record with a camera on a tripod.  The raw footage was edited into Alone In The Wilderness, a staple during PBS pledge drives and an amazing and fascinating time sucker.  Could you do that?  I know I couldn't.  On December 15 Alone In The Wilderness 2 premiered and a third film is being planned.  If you're in the US check your local PBS listings.  The video below is from the first one.  Can a guy building a cabin really be that fascinating?  You be the judge and have a great day!


  1. As a girl I thought Dan Haggerty (sp?) was SO sexy. But this makes me think of Chris McCandless, too, unfortunately.

  2. Oh yeah, Grizzly had it going on but my bigger crush was on Pa Ingalls...at least until Manly Wilder came to town, lol! Yeah, you definitely take your life in your hands when you do something like that but Proenneke was lucky.

  3. Ah, Michael Landon as "Pa" -- the perfect father, and oh those curls at his neck. *sigh*

  4. @Kurbiss...yeah, I wasn't sold on him as Little Joe but by the time Little House rolled around he was very sighable.

    @bccmee...I couldn't agree more!


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