Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday Morning Goofiness

It's been a long weird week here and I need to decompress a little.  A little Cheech and Chong, anyone?  Back when Robert Kazinsky was still in New Zealand he tweeted about seeing Up In Smoke and not getting it;  I have no idea how to find that particular tweet but rest assured it'll be archived in the Library of Congress soon.  Anyway, I think it might have made more sense to him if he'd been smoked up or eaten some hash brownies before he saw it.  Not that I've EVER in my life been smoked up.  *Cough*  In the late 70s Cheech and Chong released a Christmas bit called "Santa Claus and His Old Lady" and that's where we are today.  At least that's where I am.  The vid has a couple of racy pictures so if you're easily offended you might want to just listen.  If you're REALLY easily offended you might want to listen to something else entirely.  Have a great weekend!


  1. Rob Kazinsky seems like the guy who would either (a) benefit from being hashed up or (b) get it. Was he being facetious? :)

    Thanks for the reminder that my tweets are now being preserved by the LOC. At least I'll go down in history for something :)

  2. @judiang, it's definitely groovy...

    @Kurbiss, it's hard to tell on Twitter.


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