Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ah, Sugar Sugar

I was in my local convenience store last night for gas (I won't say which one but it ends with a Z and I've written about it recently) and as I was standing in line waiting to pay I noticed the impulse candy display has been changed from Christmas to Easter.  As sugar rush holidays go Easter is the big one in our house but what happened to Valentine's Day?  There were some left over Reese's Peanut Butter Trees mixed in with the chocolate covered Peeps (who decided sugar coated marshmallows needed a layer of chocolate, exactly?) but no hearts which I found a little strange.  I did find these next to the register and at least they're related to a holiday that falls between now and Easter. 

Don't get me wrong, I love chocolate.  I'm just not sure what molding it into a rodent is all about.  Hearts are at least pretty.  Groundhogs are...well, they're rodents.  They're mean, they're smelly and they spread disease.  Mmmm, tasty.  I don't have muskrat love, either, and don't even get me started on how bad ferrets smell.  One of my college roommates had a ferret and I could tell it was out of it's cage inside an aquarium set up from the showers at the other end of the hall.  How the RAs never caught wind of it I'll never know. 

Anyway, candy.  Today's song is the remix of Bow Wow Wow's cover of "I Want Candy" from the Marie Antoinette soundtrack.  I want the Chuck Taylors, actually.  Have a great Tuesday!



  1. I thought the link was gonna be a chocolate clover LOL

    I love this cover :) and I love how BIG Valentines Day is in the US - not exclusive to lovers -

  2. It is a huge deal in the US which is why it was remarkable that this store kind of skipped it. They normally don't miss any opportunity to make money. Glad you like the song!

  3. I wonder if the store owner has something against Valentine's Day candy? I have never seen a chocolate groundhog before. I actually thought it was a weird looking leprechaun!
    I'm with you about disliking ferrets - maybe I'll blog about my ferret story someday, although I can't imagine how I could link it to... you know who. Who knows? It could happen! LOL

  4. I think this song rendition, too. The whole movie was great!
    Oh and a chocolate RA? Now that is real temptation! Ha!
    Cheers! Grati ;->

  5. @phylly3...I'm not sure but it's definitely odd. They're a huge chain, actually, so I'm going to have to investigate further. Anything for my readers, you know. ;)

    @bccmee...I figured you'd catch that, lol!


  6. I've been trying to convince steve that my favorite holiday (besides Christmas) is Groundhog Day (also one of my favorite movies...go ahead and laugh now, I'll wait). I think it's because it's a holiday about a furry little creature and because I grew up so near it. I thought it was so cool that you were going to school right near Gobbler's Knob. While I was in the hospital as an adult over the special day, I watched the looped coverage from the previous night's party on CSPAN all night long and I kept thinking how badly I wanted to be there in the thick of it. God love Gardeners for capitalizing on this fantastic holiday! Mmmm...peanut butter meltaways!

  7. Oh wow, Gobbler's Knob. You think Philly on the 4th of July is a party? They have nothing on Punxsutawney, dude.


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