Tuesday, January 3, 2012

All Action! All The Time!

Did you know there's a Steve Jobs action figure in the works?  Well, sort of.  PCMagazine online is reporting that two separate Chinese companies have attempted to market Jobs action figures and that Apple's lawyers are in overdrive stopping them.  Can you blame them?  Does that seem a little ghoulish to anyone else?  Or a lot ghoulish?

I have no problem with dolls...er, action figures in themselves and have actually coveted the Mulder and Scully figures from Jessica's X-Files recaps over at Television Without Pity for years.  I mean, they protected their human, what more can you ask from action figures?  If you're ItsJSforme you ask for multiple personalities and costume changes but talented Ms. JS handles all that herself.  Frenz is giving away a Little Guy, by the way, so if you want one head there. 

Anyway, there've also been a few Jobs bobbleheads and Apple made quick work of those, too.  I think if it were me I'd prefer to be an action figure.  Action figures at least look dignified (relatively speaking) while bobbleheads...c'mon, they're bobbleheads, how much like their human subjects can they possibly look?  Except for Batboy's but then he's half bat so I don't know if he counts.  So what do you think -- would you rather be an action figure or a bobblehead? 

I think I first saw this over on The Squeee (it stands to reason because Traxy normally has the cool stuff).  Whoever did this is a loon in the best possible way.



  1. Yep. I remember seeing it on Traxy's site too! Love this so much! what a hoot!

  2. I thought that's where I first saw it but I was too lazy to look for it (sorry, Trax).

  3. Best. Action. Figures. Ever.

  4. Whoa! Another tangential reference to RA? What's happening to you? ;)


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