Thursday, January 19, 2012

Beat The Rhythm With My Pot

As a parent I know full well I'm not alone in struggling to get my kids up in the morning and today was no exception.  It's Thursday, their second day of school this week thanks to an administrative screw up.  They were supposed to have Monday off for MLK day and then someone got the bright idea to schedule a two day workshop that fell on Friday and Tuesday (and then forgot to mention it to the host school that was then scrambling less than two days before to make sure their own kids were off).  Of course when they were actually on their five day break getting up earlier than normal was no problem for them and neither was actually learning something productive.  My nine-year-old got an Italian language immersion program for Christmas so I've been hearing little bits of conversation that have been pretty funny, leading ulimately to my seven-year-old telling me on Tuesday morning, "Grits for breakfast, mom."  I was a little confused because we'd had oatmeal.  Then she corrected herself and said, "Grazie."  Ah, prego, sweetness.

Anyway, this morning.  No amount of the dog jumping on them and licking them or me telling them they were going to miss their bus was moving them so in a moment of desperation I got a saucepan and a spoon and started banging them.  Then I started singing "Spoonman."  They kind of grunted at me but my husband jumped in and wanted to hear "Freebird."  The dog heard the word bird and got all excited and started barking.  Then my husband went looking for his cowbell which I have hidden because the kids get obnoxious with it when they find it.  He found the bell we attach to the dog's collar when he goes for a run in the woods and started ringing that which of course got the dog even more wound up because he thought he was going for a run to find some birds.  One freaked out dog, two hours and three irritated children later they're now at school.  They don't have another long weekend till February, thankfully.  Now if I could just remember where I hid that cowbell.  Maybe I could ask Christopher Walken.


  1. This is kind of a neat way to wake them up and something i am certain they will always remember :)

  2. Yeah, they'll remember that one in therapy I'm guessing. :)

  3. More cowbell is one of my favorite all-time SNL sketches! Andy Samberg does some funny ones too.

    What a great picture you paint. You could turn your ordeal into a perfect children's story.


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