Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Epiphany That Ate My Brain

A couple of weeks ago I ranted about how incredibly disappointed I've been in the writers over at the Weekly World News.  Gone are the stories about zombies and alien attacks, replaced by "Megan Fox Is Really A Man, Man!"  nonsense.  What really killed me was the perfectly good tall tale about the alien brothel that was ruined by being true.  Their newfound insistence on printing "the truth" has caused me to search multiple sources for each story to verify that they're pulling my leg.  Most of the time, as it turns out, they're not making it up.  Take the Japanese Speech Jamming Gun, for instance.  I mean, that should be in the realm of Chupacabras sucking on sheep, right?  Chupacabras are goat suckers, not sheep suckers, so we know that one isn't true.  But between the Speech Jamming Thingumabobs and the alien brothel and their report about the new SETI website I just can't help but wonder if they haven't actually been telling the truth all along.  Doesn't that twist your brain a little?  And you know what?  It kind of renews my love for them. 


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