Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I'm Real Sorry Your Mom Blew Up, Ricky

Quick, what's that line from?  You know it, it's on the tip of your brain.  Think Booger.  Not boogers, you know, Booger from Revenge of the NerdsNo, that line isn't from RotN but Booger is in both of them.  You realize I'm only doing this to see what kind of search terms I get, don't you? 

Ah, the search term post.  Every post I've ever read about search terms is just chock full of hints at what true pervs are lurking in the Richard Armitage fandom.  Sadly, I've never been searched by any of these pervs so I'm STILL in the dark about what you all are giggling about over there.  *whistles innocently*  Yeah yeah, anyway the point is that I don't get weird search terms.  I get perfectly normal search terms and I can only imagine that what the searchers get is, um, not quite what they expected.  This being the case I'd like to take this opportunity to apologize to anyone who's searched

"Lord Byron" (dude, please tell me you didn't use this for a research paper)
"Brendan Coyle" (we all know what happened there)
"will a marine survive the zombie apocalypse?" (okay, that one's a little odd and the answer is yes)
"Craig Ferguson" (okay, not really sorry for that one)
"sheriff uniforms" (nobody here but us Luke Wilson admirers)
"John Cusak + Edgar Allen Poe" (ha, a hint!)

So, yeah...I'm really sorry if you searched for something that seemed reasonable to you at the time and you wound up here.  Any of you who actually searched for FunkyBlueDandelion got what you expected, I suspect.  Did you guess the movie?  Leave it in the comments and have a great rest of your day!


  1. There are certain words you have to use in order to attract certain search terms :)

    1. Ah HAH! Which explains the **** I see in certain terms, yes?

  2. So the answer was "Better Off Dead," in case you were wondering.


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