Monday, April 2, 2012

A Month of Sundays: Monday April 2nd

My dear LaLa is a huge fan of today's poet, Karen Finneyfrock, and her raving about her made me check what all the fuss was about.  I think of KF as my gateway into the fabulousness of Slam Poetry.  This powerful piece, "Damaged Girl," sat in my head for a long time after I first heard it and I hope it does for you, too.  She blogs at -- where else? -- Karen Finneyfrock's Blog.   


  1. Wow! That makes me sad for I have seen so many of these girls in my everyday life. The laughter from the audience was inappropriate. Instead of judging them we should be asking "how can I help?"

    1. I think it can be difficult for the audience to see where she's going with something like this because she can be really funny. I get what you're saying, though, there were really inappropriate moments of laughter there. Thanks for commenting!


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