Friday, May 18, 2012

Rockin' It With The Bad Boys

When I entered the RAniverse one of the places I naturally went to do, uh, research was YouTube.  YouTube was where I saw him to begin with long before I became a fan (and a long overdue thank you to HeathRA for uploading the extended proposal scene from N&S, the very first thing I saw).  I ran across this Sir Guy of Gisborne fanvid by Kitsunikun while I was watching Robin Hood and it remains one of my favorites.

"Let It Rock" is a great song, isn't it?  It was Kevin Rudolf's debut single and eventually sold over 4 Million copies.  Wow.  It's popped up in two other fandoms I've been dabbling in recently and I'm sure you can guess which ones.  If you're unspoiled for the season finale of Sherlock you might want to wait on this one about Jim Moriarty by TwilightHayley.  This one is a direct result of my recent Cumberbatching.

Snicker's Mom didn't actually have anything to do with this one.  No, this is all on my junior prom date who announced last Saturday on Facebook that he wants to be Loki when he grows up (though knowing him he means Paul Lynde's version).  Up till that moment the thing that most excited me about The Avengers was seeing the phrase "with new music from Soundgarden."  This is not to say that I wasn't excited (because, hello, RDJ doing anything) but it's been about fifteen years since there's been new Soundgadren music period, you'll have to give me a minute.  So who's this Loki character?  Vidder Frakkyfire gives us an idea.


BTW, to any Tom Hiddleston fans who've wandered in here:  you have an absolute gem, treat him well.  Boyfriend is ridiculously charming and funny and sweet and you know better than I do but wow.  Okay, I know how I'm spending my Sunday afternoon, thankyouverymuch Joss Whedon.  You all have a great weekend, too, whatever you're doing!


  1. Great post! I love the song and the subject choices.


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