Friday, June 1, 2012

Road Trip! The Bay State

Massachusetts might kill me.  More specifically, Boston might kill me.  That "up to three acts" thing?  Yeah, uh, forget it for now because we have a lot to listen to here.  Before we get to Boston, though, we're making a couple of other stops.  Ready?

Cape Cod is home to the town of Mashpee, MA.  Mashpee was at one time a reservation for the Wampanoag tribe but was incorporated as a town in 1870 by the State of Massachusetts.  Their history is fascinating and infuriating.  The tribe hosts an annual pow-wow and the Wampanoag drum circle Eastern Suns travels to perform for dancers at other pow-wows, including this one at Brown University. 


Our next stop is in Lawrence, MA to poke around where Leonard Bernstein was born and raised.  His father owned a bookstore and seems to have discouraged young Leonard's interest in music as a profession, at least for a while.  Aren't you glad he changed his mind? 

We're stopping here for now because Boston's gonna be big.  Have some lunch, we'll be back on the road in no time.

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