Thursday, July 26, 2012

Off Road: Childhood, The Happy Little Remix

A couple of months ago PBS Digital Studios and Symphony of Science's John D Boswell collaborated to remix Mr. Rogers.  The result was this sweet video, "Garden of Your Mind," that went viral in about two seconds flat.

PBS Digital and Boswell teamed up again and this morning released a happy little remix of Bob Ross from Ross's long running series The Joy of Painting titled "Happy Little Clouds."

 These are the latest vids in Boswell's Symphony of Science project, which is so cool I'm dying here.  He's done several remixes of Carl Sagan (including one featuring Stephen Hawking) and others which you can check out on his site or his YouTube channel, melodysheep.

So I was thinking about what I might actually like to see remixed and I think Julia Childs would be a natural, don't you?  How about Baseball by Ken Burns?  Or Tom Bodett's Travels On America's Historic Trails?  Pretty much anything but Barney.  What do you think?  Comments are open.


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