Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Hey, all, how's your Tuesday?  It's rainy and yucky here but it's okay because there's some good reading out there and I wanted to let you know about some brand spanking new blogs.

First is one I linked in my sidebar a few weeks ago, The Lady Had Seconds by someone really funny and observant and I'm not just saying that because she's my neice.  My brother raised her, she has to be funny and observant.

Then there's the one that went live just this morning called What Are We About? by someone I've never heard of named Zee.  Really good premise there, check it out.

Finally there's my new blog, FunkyBlueRedo which is about decorating, remodeling and making our house a home.  How-to's included, cussing extra.

Okay then...have at it, gang.  It's always fun to get in at the start of something good, isn't it?  Daughtry thinks so and he's singing about it below.  Catch ya later!

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