Monday, September 10, 2012

Is That Any Way To Speak To Opie?

Okay, so it wasn't Opie but it was Opie's fault.  You know who Opie is, right?  Opie Taylor, later Richie Cunningham, most recently Oscar winning director Ron Howard?  That one.  He teamed up with Canon again for Project Imaginat10n, a really cool photography and film collaboration.  Photographers submit their shots for ten storytelling themes, finalists are selected by a panel of judges and then voting is opened to the public September 11 for six of the categories and again on September 18 for three more.  The last category was not named and is a surprise.  Ninety-one winners will be announced in October and then ten celebrity directors will select one winner from each group and make a short film based on it.  Like I said, cool and collaborative.  Well, mostly.

Photographer Mo Gelber took a street photo outside Manhattan Criminal Court in August that's gone viral due to his efforts to find the couple in it on Facebook and coverage in tabloids like The New York Post and The Daily Mail, who called the lovebirds "Bonnie and Clyde."  They weren't killers or bank robbers so it seems a little much but they were at least in cuffs.

That's street artist Russell Murphy and his girlfriend Alexis Creque, arrested in August for brutally spraypainting a wall.  Oh, the humanity, and I think the real crime there is his black socks with those shoes but whatever.  Gelber submitted the picture but was then told he needed to get the couple and the cops to sign releases; one of the cops was on vacation so he missed the deadline for the contest.  The New York Post reported that Gelber's attempt to contact Creque about her release was met with a "Fuck off" note slipped under her door to him.  Not like it matters now being that it's been published all over the world. 

Anyway, just so you know this entire post was an excuse to play Berlin's classic Bonnie and Clyde video "No More Words," one of my faves.  I still love Terri Nunn's hair.  Have a great day, whatever you're doing and I think I'm back now.


  1. Wow, I haven't heard this in ages. :)

    1. It's so 80s you can almost smell the Aqua Net, dude.

    2. so that's what's making me sneeze. :)

    3. That or all the dust getting kicked up there.


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