Monday, September 24, 2012

You Say Goodbye

It's a sad morning here at FunkyBlueDandelion as I say "see ya later" to two blogs that I've adored over the years in the RAniverse.  The first is Skully's [spooks] Fan Blog, which was one of the first places that I found contrarian fandom.  I'm glad to count Skully as a dear friend and she's one of my very favorite people online.  If I ever make it to Australia, girl friend, I'm gonna crash on your couch and rifle through your PiL collection.  You can find her other blog linked in the sidebar over there.

The other is bccmee's Richard Armitage Fan Vids and Graphics.  Her collaborative projects have been so much fun and she's always been open and encouraging to others in exploring graphics.  I really really hope she drops those of us who adore her a line every now and again (hint hint).  She's another fan I consider a good friend. 

I'm gonna go sigh in my cornflakes now.  Today's vid is one of bccmee's John Porter vids using Jet's "That's All Lies."  Enjoy!


  1. Hi Funky, I'm still verklempt. Grati
    P.S. Here is what I commented on Bccmee's post:


    Dearest Bccmee,

    I'm glad to have a note from you, but I am literally sitting here teary eyed that you won't be blogging in the future. Okay, the tears are falling.

    Apart from all the fun we've had, I consider you a true mentor and friend. You pestered me to start a blog--an outlet for my wordiness, Ha!--and I absolutely adore it. And you've been an encouraging and supportive voice when I've tried some vidding and graphics, and such. You are such a positive force for good to me and everyone. I hope our collective admiration and friendship for you sends Misty Mountains full of good karma your way.

    I love you to bits, girl. And I had so wanted to try to go to the New York premiere of "The Hobbit". Yes to experience that event as a bystander with no hope of being able to even see RA from my short and long distance vantage point. But also to maybe get a chance to meet you and some my other RA Fangirl friends. Because as much as I adore RA--and it's a lot--I cherish the friendships I have made because he is a common ground for us. I cherish you.

    I know it is selfish of me, but I hope that you return to blogging and such when you feel rested and less busy--whatever the topic you choose to focus on. Or as John Thornton might say:

    Come back, come back to us!

    But I support you always. And I wish you every happiness that you wish for yourself, dear friend. Call or email me whenever you want to.

    Love and hugs! Grati ;-<

    P.S. I know that the above is sentimental mush. But that's just me--and wordy to boot (303 words). By the way, still crying.

    1. *Hands Grati a tissue* You be as sentimental as your little heart wants, honey, 'cause I'm totally there with you!

  2. Thanks bunches for all your support. It was a really fun ride!

    1. Don't be a stranger, b, really.

    2. Thanks a lot for all your great work, we will miss you.

      I wish you good luck for the future. Take care. :-)

      Love and hugs. :-)

  3. *runs to the store to buy a proper couch*

    Aw thanks Jazz! You know I didn't think of that post as saying goodbye.. but I guess I was in a way. Now I wished I'd thanked everyone for their readership! I'll still blog on my personal site so I'm not disappearing completely.

    My PiL collection is ready to be rifled at anytime :) xox

    1. Dude, I have a sleeping bag, I can bring that...I lovelovelove your personal blog but I think you know that already. :)

  4. Second your thoughts! Thank you gals it makes me treasure the time spend together bumping into each other virtually. Thanks for posting a vid I haven't played nearly enough


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