Monday, December 30, 2013

Kindness Is Coolerator

Thanks to each of you who has embraced and gotten the word out about SpReAd The Love. Obscura and I couldn't be more thrilled but we are definitely not surprised because we know that you're a generous community.  We decided to count each reblog as a kindness toward our total and I'd like to take a second to publicly thank Servetus at me+Richard, Xenia at Collar City Brownstone, Gratiana Lovelace at Something About Love (A), Herba at Unkraut verghet nicht...oder doch?, AgzyM at IWantToBeAPinup, CrystalChandlyre at CrystalChandlyre, and Richard'sTreehouse at a blog I cannot for some reason find. If you've reblogged or Tweeted please let Obscura and I know so that we can add you!

As you can probably tell, I personally groove on kindness. Nothing that comes from a sweet move of the heart is ever wasted. Kindness is cool, or, if you're a 90's Seattle band it's Coolerator but before that they were The Hungry Crocodiles (and in between they were the Fist Fightin' Elvises briefly) and those guys were FUN to hang out with. One of my many roommates was the singer in a different band, Rattletrap, and another later roommate dated the drummer for years. Rivalry? What rivalry? Everybody just wanted to cause mayhem together and if there was a solid backbeat so much the better. One night a bunch of us wound up at the Crocs' rehearsal space waiting for the drummer and we watched as they carefully wrapped their equipment in blankets to protect it all for the long ride home. Then they saw the homeless guy making a bed out of some newspapers on the sidewalk. They unwrapped their equipment and gave him what they had, one blanket a pillow and the rest draped on him. Of all the truly beautiful moments I've seen in my life that one was an absolute privilege to witness. Plus they grooved like nobody's business. Thanks, Crocs.


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