Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sunday Morning Poetry

You know I adore slam poet Anis Mojgani, right? I've spammed you all with him at least once and he's appeared in this space more than any other poet. At the end down there you'll find my all time favorite of his performances, delivered at the ToWriteLoveOnHerArms benefit Heavy and Light at the House of Blues in Orlando in 2010.

ToWriteLoveOnHerArms is an amazing group of people. The genesis (and the name) came from a single five day stretch of love for a young woman who would have otherwise been on the street going through withdrawl from the drugs in her body and the demons in her head. At some point in those five days she locked herself in the bathroom with a razor blade and carved "Fuck Up" into her arm. They cleaned the blood, bandaged her wounds and lit her way out of her dark place by going into it with her.

Their aim to be present for the broken has not changed even as they get bigger. In addition to Heavy and Light in Orlando again this year on January 19 there's another at the House of Blues in Los Angeles next Sunday, January 11. These events are billed as "evenings of song, conversation and hope." I can think of few better ways to spend an evening and no matter which one you go to my beloved Anis will be there, too, so he's taking us out.

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