Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Happy Birthday, Judiang

Today is April Fool's and you can find some pranking going on around the blogs and on Twitter. Not going to spoil them for you now but I might link to them later in the comments. However, I was thinking earlier about my all time favorite fandom April Fool's joke: the time Judiang won the lottery, moved to New Zealand and took Patty the Pomeranian on, um, walks with some tall, dark haired British dude. Hmm, who could that have been? The fact that April Fool's Day really is Judiang's birthday is just gravy.

In every fandom I've been in the thing that I've loved most has been the friends I've made and Judiang is one of my favorites. She's funny, warm, honest, open about who she is as a person, always thought-provoking as a writer, and doesn't take either the fandom or The Man too seriously. Those of us who bonded in her Armitage World Chat room are still pretty tight and I thank her from the bottom of my heart for encouraging my goofiness (even if she did make me clean up the remnants of Thorin's magic beans). I'm always happy to hear about fans meeting The Man but her adventure with Zan and Perry is special. She represented like the Rock Star she is and made us all look good just by being the person she is. Love love love you, girlfriend. Happy Birthday!



  1. Judiang is a pretty special lady! I love that I found a crazy fangirl (but don't tell her I called her that!!!) traveling buddy in her. Not to mention a bona fide friend. She took pity on this old lady fangirl in AWC, encouraging my silliness (and special brownies ;) ). I cherish the friends I found there.

    Happy birthday, Judi! *hugs*

    1. OMG...those chats with you, Judi, Snick, JasRangoon, Grati (After Dark), ItsJSForMe, Servetus, BccMee and beengizzied were a freaking RIOT.

  2. What they said! Happy birthday!

  3. Happy birthday to Judi. I really miss her "the Man" posts :-)

  4. I squeeeed with Judiang in watching THAUJ in 48HFR and 3D together--and had the best time! Love and Hugs for a wonderful birthday, My Dear!

  5. I had the pleasure and fun of meeting Judiang and sharing, with Zan, our experience before, during and after the Pinter/Proust reading at the 92nd Street Y. Every adjective Jazzbaby chose is spot on. She nailed it. I have the fondest feeling for Judiang because of who she is and because I shared with her one of the highest experiences in recent memory. Another special person in my life has a birthday on April 1, so I will always remember this yours. Many Happy Returns.

  6. Happy Birthday to Judiang ! Many great memories leads to Judi.
    Thanks Jazzy :)

  7. Awww sheeesh, you've made me blush! Thanks so much hon. Love ya!


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