Sunday, May 4, 2014

SpReAd The Love: Total Sucker

I am a total sucker for a man in a kilt. It's even worse if it's Graham McTavish (my bit on the side of long standing...okay, two years). Add in his wearing a kilt to raise money for sick children and my brain is clam sauce. Check it out at the Graham McTavish Army Tumblr here.

Obscura and I are indeed still Spreading The Love and if you have any kindnesses you want to let us in on please email (my address is up on the right hand side there) either one of us. You can find our most recent challenge over at her fab blog, Ancient Armitage.

I think a little Janis is in order, don't you? A little Janis is always in order as far as I'm concerned. Have a great Sunday, whatever you're doing!


  1. GMT is also becoming my bit of Scottish on the side. Ha! Kudos for him helping with the charity!


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