Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A Slightly Quieter Premiere

As much as I have loved reading all the Tweets and looking at all the pictures and watching all the videos from the last 24 hours, I'm taking a break from Richard Armitage fangirling for a second to talk about someone else I fangirl really hard: poet Anis Mojgani.

I spin a lot of music here but the artist whose work I've posted most frequently is Mojgani. His gorgeous words hit me right where I live every single time I hear them and yesterday he posted a new piece at The Piano Farm on Tumblr. I watched it twice, Tweeted it, reblogged it, watched it again, and then poked a friend to go watch it. I'm still wrecked. Go check it out and thank you, @mojgani, for the blessing.


  1. Beautiful. Delightful. Eternal. And so resonant with the joy of love and being alive. Thanks so much for sharing it with us.

    1. Thanks for commenting! If you loved this piece I urge you to seek out more of his work. You can find a lot of it on YouTube. He is a special voice and I feel blessed every time I hear him.


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