Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Because I Owe Him More Than One

I said in the comments of my "Things To Do In Mirkwood When You're Stoned" post that it started out as something else that I couldn't make work. It was basically a tourist stoner guide to Seattle, one of the few places in the US where you can legally smoke up and then go do something really cool. It can be broken down as

1. The National Park Rangers at Mount Rainier frown on using the volcanic steam vents as snowboard jumps. Make friends with the snowboarders because they are guaranteed to have better ganja than you do.

2. The Hoh National Rainforest is better hiked straight than stoned.

3. The really good coffee is at Vivace.

4. Take the Seattle Underground Tour where you'll learn why all the toilets in the city exploded at once, which is related to why the underground is underground. It's hilarious stoned or straight.

While I was writing that post I wanted to tell you all about Annex Theatre because the Managing Director is one of my favorite people ever. Steve is not a toker. In all the time we hung out, most of us getting really lit, I don't think I ever saw him drink anything other than cranberry juice in one glass, water in another with two straws so he could drink them at once. He had more brain cells than the rest of us put together (considering how frequently one or another of us needed the intervention of an actual adult this was a good thing) and a heart as deep as Puget Sound. He and his roommates had a housewarming party and it was one of those nights when everything was in flux, couples who'd been solid breaking up, previously close friends not speaking, a few unemployments. My barriers were way down and I was feeling everyone else's angst. Steve saw me floundering and in the middle of a conversation with someone else pulled me into one of the warmest cuddles I've ever gotten, never breaking eye contact with the other person who was at that moment recruiting him to work for Microsoft. It totally made up for the time he knocked me on my ass at a Rattletrap show at the OK Hotel.

I can't vouch for Annex Theatre itself because I've never been there but I can vouch for Steve. If you find yourself in Seattle looking for something cool to do, stoned or straight, check them out. No toking in the lobby. Check the bar, though, because I'm certain they have cranberry juice and water, multiple straws optional.


  1. You're the sweetest. Julio. <3

  2. This is post is how I would like to feel right now. Merry.

  3. re, being stoned and paranoia -- Thorin *does* say that they are being watched. Of course, he's right ...


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