Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Moron Behind the Makeup

Okay, I know we're all still in squee-mode over Richard Armitage's new role but I would be totally slacking in my role as your friendly Moron In A Hurry if I put this one off any longer. The Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony is coming up and this year's class includes both shoo-ins and a huge surprise in the form of KISS. They've been so overlooked for so long that they've joked about it. When the announcement was made the original members talked about putting their differences aside and performing together for one night but nothing seems to have come of it.

Earlier this week the estate of Eric Carr, the drummer who replaced Peter Criss in the 80s but died of heart cancer in 1991, sued KISS for unpaid royalties. Let me be clear in saying that the estate of Eric Carr are not morons because these things happen all the time and if he was genuinely cheated out of royalties then they deserve to collect them. On March 10th The New York Post quoted attorney Robert Garson, who they identified as the estate's attorney, talking about the suit which has been filed in Manhattan Supreme Court. The following day Paul Stanley (@PaulStanleyLive) tweeted that the suit was a scam and said, "Eric Carr's family shocked by a lawsuit filed without their knowledge or support" and he was backed up by Carr's family's lawyer Mark Abbattista who talked to  on March 12.

Who does this? Like, seriously, who does this? And for the love of Kabuki makeup why? Not to mention, how? Don't people have to have standing to sue over something like this? Questions like these are why I'm a moron and not a lawyer. I am, however, a rock fan so have some KISS and a good night.


  1. You are like a bulldog in finding these Moron examples--providing a valuable public service. Unbelievable!

    And Giggles about the video! A classic song and video of the 80's hair bands with the women fawning all over them. *shakes head* Ha!

    1. Human nature being what it is I never have to look too hard. It's kind of depressing that I'll never run out of material, you know? Oh, and that video? Hair metal at its most spandex. :)

  2. That is weird as heck. Who else would have standing?


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