Thursday, July 3, 2014

SpReAd The Love Update: You Did It Again!

Okay, so last week Obscura and I threw out a speed challenge to collect four dozen kindnesses so that we could send boyfriend bouquets of goodwill rather than roses for press night of The Crucible and as of yesterday we'd collected three dozen. In less than twenty-four hours we've each gotten emails and messages and because YOU ALL SO TOTALLY ROCK we made it with a couple of hours till the curtain goes up to spare!

Thank you all really, deeply and sincerely from the bottom of both of our hearts for doing the kindnesses you do and for letting us in on them because you have no idea what it does for us to hear them. Several times since starting this project we've been moved to tears, both of sorrow and joy, by your stories. We're so grateful that you've shared them with us!

We're also beyond grateful for the two Anonymous Co-Conspirators we've had who've helped sweeten the process by donating kindness matching funds to charities supported by Richard Armitage via JustGiving. If you're interested in becoming a Co-Conspirator please let me know because we have a few more challenges to come this year, including one for the premiere of Into the Storm that we'll let you know about in the next few weeks. And please do keep letting us know about your kindnesses because even though this particular challenge is over we'll still count them toward future challenges.

Wow, you guys. Seriously. 


  1. I. Just. Can't. Even!!

  2. We could send it a little less figuratively by an email to and/or a post on their facebook page or a tweet.

    1. They're going to have so much going on tonight that I would fear it getting lost in the crush of other good wishes. If he ever gets a day off between now and the end of time (HA!) he'll have the notification from JustGiving. Thank you so much for all your work with this project, Perry, it really means a lot to both of us.


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