SpReAd The Love

Graphic thanks to Servetus

See that dude over there?  He wants blood and food, and not necessarily in that order.  Okay, he's a fictional character, but whatevs.  Just in case there is any difficulty understanding what should be obvious:  this has nothing to do with Richard Armitage, Peter Jackson or anyone involved with The Hobbit.  Nope.  This is a fan driven campaign.

So what are we doing?  SpReAding The Love and giving back locally.  This fandom is a generous and charitable group of people and this campaign was started back in February to move that spirit.  Richard Armitage has his own charitable causes that he's asked fans to support financially and I do not want to detract from the monies raised by this fandom over the years or interfere with any fan's desire to give to one of the charities that he supports.  This campaign isn't about him, though, it's about us and what we can accomplish even on a small scale when we pull together.

You can find Richard Armitage's JustGiving page here.

SpReAd The Love is an initiative that accepts no money but urges fans to do what they can in their own communities to help those in need.  In February I challenged members of the fan community on Facebook to give either a pint of blood or a pound of food and though no formal tally was taken there were several "I donated today!" messages.  This time I'm a little more organized.  From today July 12 till the completely arbitrary date of August 22 I'm challenging members of this community to do it again, to give either a pint of blood to a blood bank or a pound of food to a food bank in their local areas and this time I'll be tracking donations so be sure to let me know what and when you donated.  You can do this one of three ways.

spreadthelovechallenge (at) gmail (dot) com

SpReAd The Love Valentine Challenge
I can't change the name so we'll stick with this one.  Send a request and I'll add you.

Follow @SpReAdthelove11
For a pint of blood use hashtag #STLPint
For a pound of food use hashtag #STLPound

It's that easy.  I'd love to have at least 100 donations in by August 22...think we can do it?  Let's see if we can.

The Hobbit Gift Bomb Update:  Servetus suggested gift bombing RA's JustGiving pages as a positive way of thanking him for pretty much just being him.  She graciously included SpReAdTheLove so any contributions you make from now through 12/14 (or a few days after) and email to me at the address above will be totalled and a separate monetary contribution to honor these donations will be made to one of his four charities. 


  1. As of today 7/15 we have five donations. Some have been mentioned in comments on the kick off post and some I've received in email. Let's keep going, gang!

  2. Got another email this afternoon and another pint was doanted toward our total goal of 100...let's keep it up, only 94 more to go!

  3. Over the weekend I got a few more emails that brought our donations up to nine. Then this morning one donor made a HUGE donation of 1-1/2 bushels of fresh tomatoes to a soup kitchen in her community. According to the converter at The Old Farmer's Almanac (www.almanac.com/content/old-time-measures) that equals 66 pounds of food. I don't want to count this as a single donation and there have been questions about other weights (for example, 1 gallon of water = 8.33 pounds) so from here on out we'll be counting up to five pounds at a time as a single donation. That makes this amazingly generous act 13 donations which added to the previous 9 brings us up to 24. Thanks to our donor and let's keep it up! Can we exceed 100?


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