Monday, July 28, 2014

SpReAd The Love Blogger Challenge: Into the Storm

A few weeks ago Obscura and I issued a speed round challenge to collect four dozen kindnesses before July 3 so that we could send Richard Armitage goodwill bouquets in time for press night for The Crucible and WOW did you all come through! Are you all up for another one to honor the premiere of the upcoming Into the Storm?
As I write this the county where my oldest friend lives is under a Tornado Watch and earlier this week one touched down in a Virginia campground. Wildfires are burning in the western US, Canada, India, Sri Lanka and Finland. Last week Typhoon Rammasun devastated China, Vietnam and the Philippines. The organizations that step in to help when these disasters strike work tirelessly to clear  rubble and rebuild communities and we'd like to recognize them. In order to raise awareness of the work these agencies do our new challenge is to blog about disaster relief that's touched our lives. Write a post about an agency or organization that you've worked with, that you've supported, or that's reached out to help you. The target dates for this challenge are August 7 through August 22 but posts outside of those dates will count as well. Our Anonymous Co-Conspirator for this event will donate $1 for each post to one of the charities supported by Richard Armitage via JustGiving and there's a Double Dip this time, too, with a matching dollar donation going to the international relief organization that receives the most votes by 11:59 PM August 6 on the sidebar, with a max of $200. Your choices include
Please email me at funkybluedelphinium (at) gmail (dot) com with the subject line DISASTER RELIEF so that we can link your post and count your kindness toward our total. If you don't have your own blog but would like to participate, we'll hook you up with a blogger host and both the post and the host will count as separate kindnesses. If you're too shy to post at all just keep reporting your kindnesses, either that you've done or that have been done for you, to me or contact Obscura via her blog Ancient Armitage and we'll add them to our total. You've all been so generous throughout this campaign that we have no doubt you'll exceed our expectations this time, too. Ready? Let's go!  


  1. Excellent! This disaster preparedness/relief agencies STL challenge is a natural fit and a very practical tie-in with the Into the Storm film and RA's Fans.

    I also live in a tornado prone part of the U.S. and they are very scary. Organizations like the Red Cross are vital to getting disaster victims the assistance they need.

    So kudos for coming up with this STL challenge! Cheers! Grati


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