Monday, August 1, 2011


Have you ever looked at a dress in a store and thought, "I could make that and they want me to pay what?"  Yeah, I could make that if I still had a sewing machine, a crafty bone in my body and the ability to walk through a fabric store without going, "Ooh, shiny!" and getting distracted five or six times and forgetting what I went in for to begin with.  Fabric?  Oh, oops, but look at the pretty buttons!  My grandmother was quite crafty and a wonderful seamstress.  When my junior prom rolled around she wanted to make sure that my dress was unique so she made something.  Of course when I walked in someone else's mother had the same idea and the only difference between our dresses was the color (hers was seafoam green, mine was peach). 

There are some people who manage to skirt this issue (yes, I cracked myself up more than I should have there) altogether, like Molly Ringwald in Pretty in Pink and these kids.  If I remember correctly the first Duck Tape prom dress was standard silver and the crafter sent a photo to the company.  They totally ran with it and one of the coolest promotions of all time was born:  the Stuck At Prom Scholarship Contest.  High school students from the US and Canada fashion (snicker) formal wear down to their accessories from Duck Tape and the Duck Brand has obliged by expanding their color pallete over the years (think tie dyed and zebra).  The 2011 winners were just announced and they each received a $5000 college scholarship and a donation to their school.  Is that the very definition of a win-win?  I think so.

Though "Stuck on You" would have been the obvious choice today I'm feeling a little beastie so you're stuck (ha!  I slay me) with this one.  Rock on, dudes.

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