Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday Morning Poetry

What have YOU given up too easily? 


  1. Now I'm hungry for ice cream and I am reminded of an old car from my youth which was held together with duct tape.

  2. LOL, Peanut Butter ice cream is one of my favorites. I just watched an episode of "Mythbusters" on Netflix that was devoted to duct tape and one of the myths they explored was the one about whether it's strong enough to pick up a car.

  3. Wow! This guy is very entertaining on so many levels! I've never seen slam poetry performed live, but I bet I'd could easily become a fan of some of those performance artists. It sounds like this guy has a solid fan base.
    Thanks! :)

  4.'re welcome! If we ever all make it to NYC I'm putting in a request now to go to a poetry night.


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