Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Month of Sundays: Wednesday Flashback, April 4th

Oh my.  Have you heard the one about Samantha Brick?  She's been all over Twitter the last 24 hours or so, or at least opinions of her have been.  In case you've missed it she's a writer for the Daily Mail and yesterday she published a piece about how other people react to her beauty.  I doubt she wrote her own headline but it read "Why Women Hate Me For Being Beautiful."  She denies being deliberately provocative but the online reaction has been so fierce that this morning she struck back saying the "bile" she's been subjected to "just proves my point," neatly ignoring the fact that she's been slammed by as many men as women.  In today's article she writes, "...there is an irony to yesterday.  While I was tearfully dealing with emails and calls outside of the supermarket, a young man approached me, offered to park my car and even get me a coffee.  He could see I was having a tough time -- and yes, my looks had helped me out again."  Right.  It couldn't be that the young man was well raised and kind and acting like a decent human being to someone obviously in distress.  The most reasonable response came from Stylist though I'm not certain I entirely agree with them.

In any case, I'm setting the wayback machine and spinning this piece I posted a few months ago.  It seems appropriate today.  "Pretty" by Katie Makkai is one of my favorites.     


  1. Do people treat the exceptionally beautiful differently? No doubt. But what a poorly argued article, even though I hate the cruelty of the comments.

    In support of *your* point, this:

  2. I missed those posts and tweets. Wow, interesting how such "non-news" gets so much attention, LOL!

  3. There are those who've pointed out in the comments at Stylist that she's written before about "flirting" to get ahead and I think what people are reacting to is the idea that she's trying to have her cake and eat it, too. One the one hand she talks openly about using her looks to get ahead but then she complains that other people judge her for it. Well, there are consequences to your behavior. If you act like someone "the Sisterhood" can't trust then the Sisterhood isn't going to trust you. If you flirt with another woman's husband to "get ahead" what's to keep you from flirting with mine if something you want is at stake? Instead of dealing with this, though, she's brushing it all off as anyone who objects to anything she's saying is just jealous. And my other point about kindness stands. My intuitive hit is that she's pretty insecure; secure people don't have to trumpet to the media that they're attractive, intelligent, etc. And thank you for the link!


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