Friday, June 24, 2011

Crazy Beautiful

I love lunatics.  Not the scary ones, obviously, but the singleminded people who spend forty years turning their back yard into some insane mosaic masterpiece that no one ever sees till after they die.  I may never know them or see their work but just the fact that kind of gorgeous passion is out there affecting someone's soul for the better is good with me. 

Street performers fall into this same category for me.  I'll spend an hour feeding dollar bills to someone who can fold them into something vaguely kazoolike and then play "Stars and Stripes Forever" on them.  Chalking 3D images on the sidewalk?  I wanna jump right in.  I'm glad to be living in a world where the Naked Cowboy can not only fly his freak in Times Square but also, as of this writing, consider a run for President.  Cowboy filed suit for trademark infringement against M&M/Mars in 2008 for using his image without his permission which sounds totally insane until you realize that there's precedent for it.

One of the columns over at (Not Safe For Work and not for the squeamish -- you will be offended by something) yesterday was this one.  Check out #4 on the list, Moondog.  I'm not going to crib their article, but go with this mental image for a second:  Benny Goodman testifying before the New York Supreme Court on behalf of a busker dressed like Thor.  He'd never get that hat past security now.  He may look like Jim Henson after a bender with Elmer Fudd but click the video and be blessed.

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