Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sunday Morning Creepiness

When I went looking for this week's poem I was looking for a clip of the dramatic reading of "The Raven" from The Brady Bunch but couldn't find it.  Then I tried to choose between the James Earl Jones reading and the Vincent Price reading.  I adore both voices but the Jones version was kind of understated and the Price reading was, of course, NOT understated.  Then I found this.  Happy Halloween, guys.


  1. According to a recent New York Times story, the final dwelling of Edgar Allan Poe has undergone extensive restoration and will be reopened "soon." Apparently there are some funding issues in the harsh economic climate.

    I wonder what was the story behind Poe's death. The article said he was found incoherently wandering the streets of Baltimore, where he died at the age of 40. Are there any good biopics of his life and death?

  2. I remember hearing at one point that he died after being dragged around Baltimore from polling station to polling station on a General Election day. Don't know how true that is. The only movie I know of is the upcoming one with John Cusack playing Poe but I don't think it's really a biopic.


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