Monday, December 19, 2011

Sentenced To More Than 12 Days

Yeah yeah, break, yadda yadda.  The Barefoot Bandit was sentenced recently for his crime spree in the Pacific Nothwest to a term of between seven and ten years in prison.  What does this have to do with the twelve days of Christmas and haven't I already posted about that, anyway?  I'm getting to it and yes.

During Coltin Harris-Moore's time as a fugitive folk hero he stole a couple of airplanes (he had to get to the Bahamas somehow, right?) and crashed one on the Yakima Reservation.  That one was owned by Seattle radio personality Bob Rivers, who you may know as the man behind "The Twelve Pains of Christmas."  I'm guessing the only reason "having your Cessna 182 stolen by a punk" didn't make the list is that he recorded this in the 90s, while Barefoot Coltin was in diapers.  Maybe he was the kid at number eight in this list. 

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