Friday, January 20, 2012

Do I Have To Watch This Again?

Okay, I know the answer is no, I'm in no way obligated to watch American Idol again.  I really want to like it but I just can't.  I still heart Randy Jackson but it's just not the same without Simon Cowell.  I know, I know, he was rude and horrible and all those things but sometimes he wasn't.  Anyway, I used to love to watch the auditions because you just never knew who was going to turn up.  Every once in a while someone made all the really bad auditions worth it, like Paris Bennett from the fifth season.  How many times did they ask someone to sing twice? 

  There was one audition from the sixth season that still brings tears to my eyes and not just because Cowell wasn't a complete d$#*head.  Sherman Pore got an audition spot thanks to a petition with 3,500 signatures and...well, let him tell it but get a tissue.

Ah, Sherman.  I will cop to being a total sap but if that didn't touch you I think a chest X-ray might be in order.  Mr. Pore didn't make it, of course, but he did record an album and some of the proceeds went to cancer research at City of Hope.  You are indeed a winner, Mr. Pore. 

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