Monday, December 16, 2013

Hey, Man, Nice Shot

Things I cannot look at or listen to because of the sensational or insensitive treatment of suicide:

The song in the title, by Filter about the very public suicide of R. Budd Dwyer
Full Metal Jacket
Dead Poet's Society
Richard Armitage

According to statistics at someone on this planet makes a final decision to end it once every 40 seconds. That's over one million people a year. That's not a joke, that's a fucking epidemic. Each of those people leaves behind a family bewildered by the choice, bereaved, confused and confounded by a world that thinks it's funny or exciting. From the perspective of someone who took weeks to be able to form coherent sentences after my dad stuck a fucking shotgun in his mouth I can assure you it is neither of those things.

If you are in suicidal crisis you are not as alone as you might think. Mental health professionals in your community, To Write Love On Her Arms, the Samaritans and HopeLine are all prepared to help you. If you're the survivor of a suicide you aren't alone, either. I cannot recommend the Alliance of Hope for Suicide Survivors or the community at Hello, Grief highly enough. Or you can email me at funkybluedelphinium at gmail dot com and I'll listen.

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